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Beard Bros Homework!

This is a virtual art gallery, which features all of the art made on Super Maker Bros. (As of Patch Bros. #8)

I originally made this with VR and the Vive in mind, so It uses SteamVR, which should also work with the Rift, but I don't have one, so I can't test it.

If you don't have a VR headset, it will default to the standard Unity FPS controller (if I did it right).

Super Maker Bros. is a series by The Super Beard Bros. where they play fan submitted levels, based on a theme. At the end of each level, Jirard (usually) comments on the level with his (stamp filled) art, while Alex blindly awaits the masterpiece.

Stuff I didn't make:

The featured artworks were (obviously) made by @JKCompletesIt, @FacianeA and @PokeKellz.

+ the YouTube thumbnail for the Super Maker Bros. series was made by @CauseImDanJones

This Mario Maker font by Gnarizard was used for the signs in the gallery.

Mario Paint BGM 1 Remix

Facility from Goldeneye 64

A certain version of All Star by Smash Mouth

Cantina from Star Wars

Pokémon Center from Red/Blue


Install instructions

If you don't have a VR headset, try holding ALT when starting the exe. This will open the default Unity launcher, where you can change the resolution etc.

It's a bit choppy when you start it up, because it's loading all of the art, but it should run smoothly after that.


SBB.7z (64-bit) 23 MB

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